Plenty of budgeting apps exist out in the world and many do a damn good job already. Kaching is a budgeting app with a focus. For those that have enough to be wasteful but not enough to not care, Kaching manages your discretionary spending by learning your habits and letting you know how much you can spend and when you go over your set limits. The main app feature however helps you better your discretionary spending habits with set goals using constant and adaptive motivation.

Premera Blue Cross, offers their clients a "Find a Doctor" tool. Premera wanted to better their tool through increased patient feedback about care providers. Through research and various design iterations, the team was able to find the best possible solution to get the most patient feedback, present it to the user, and thus better the tool. In the end, the patient had a better experience with the tool, finding a better match with a personal care provider, something that was very important to Premera.



Walk Porto is a mobile app geared towards tourism and exploring an unknown city. I tried to make it as easy as possible for the user who is already dealing with other factors due to being in an unknown city. It looks at time to destination as opposed to distance. In an unknown city where the topography is yet to be experienced, Walk Porto lets the user choose how long they want to walk, thus reducing the anxiety with an exact ETA.

Prototyping and testing are essential parts in the process of creating user centric experiences. For these projects, each week we had to test and record a different prototyping technique. These various projects show different methods and stages in the design process. All of this so we can make sure we achieve and communicate the best design for the user in the most efficient and effective way possible.

A little more about me.


I was 7 or 8 and we had just moved into a new home. My initial decision to pursue architecture instead of something else was because of that house. As an 8 year old, you don't know what architecture really is. As a kid you just know you like the house and you want more people to have houses just like that one because they may like it too. Looking back, the house wasn't even that nice! What I really loved and wanted to share was the experience, the flow, the spaces I used as a kid.


As I grew up, a fascination with computer games, my dad's Nintendo NES and a lot of other tech took over. I still remember spending hours playing Need for Speed || on the home PC. With all of that, I was still determined to pursue architecture. Although It wasn’t the path I truly envisioned myself in as I got older, I still feel that it gave me skills I use every day. Before evolving into UX, I made good friends in the industry and had the opportunity to design high-end stores in Europe as well as furniture that has been shipped around the world.

So architecture wasn't the life for me, now what? I heard about HCI and UX from a good friend. He was an undergrad and I was able to follow the amazing projects and concepts he made. After pestering him for details for years, I couldn’t stop thinking to myself “This is it! This is everything I care about and I can call it work!”. Technology, design, testing and prototyping in a collaborative environment? All of these parts to make things around us better and in turn make people happy? Yes please! It was as if I found what those cliches always said about loving what you do and not having to "work" again.

As much as I love UX and all the parts that make it up, I like to balance "work" with play once In a while. I regularly travel and a few weeks ago I did a road trip down the coast from Seattle to LA and back. I loved it! I enjoy taking my motorcycle out on sunny days and building my (limited) skills whenever I can. I sketch a ton every week. I've also been playing racing simulators and strategy games of any kind since I can remember. Crossfit takes care of the body and a nice IPA with friends takes care of the soul.

Hi, my name is Acacio (ah-kah-see-oh).


For me, user needs and experiences are foremost when creating my work. I'm a perfectionist at heart with a passion for problem solving and creating quality interactions. Bringing ideas to life and bettering the lives of people around me is my ultimate goal.



I'm currently in the final stretch of my Masters in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

at the University of Washington.


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In Progress

How do people interact with public spaces around them and how can we motivate people to interact more? This was one of many motivating questions in our group explorations in partnership with Intel. We wanted to bring more activity to dark stairs that are seen as unsafe and even avoided. Explorations are incredibly varied including light, sound, chalk and glow in the dark biodegradable paint. The learnings continue to group and an educational piece along with an art installation will grow out of it.



For our capstone project, we decided to tackle a big issue affecting society. Texting while driving is a big culprit in loss of life in drivers of all ages but in particular young drivers. We are focusing on young adults, ages 16-24 for our design and testing. We are directing our designs towards the iOS ecosystem at the time and hope to expand to other platforms after design, testing and numerous iterations help strengthen our concepts.